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Real-Time PCR Thermal Cycler, from Corbett Research, Australia

The Rotor-Gene is the only Real-Time Amplification system on the world market based on the concept of centrifugation for ultimate temperature uniformity, the core behind any amplification reaction. The rotor in the Rotor-Gene continually spins at 500 rpm hence providing a sample-to-sample temperature uniformity of 0.01ºC, which no other system on the world market can offer. This leads to Uniform Amplifications in all tubes as compared to 96 well formats wherein software corrections are required.
The Rotor-Gene has a Fixed Optical Path Length, which guarantees that each sample is always excited and detected from the same distance. This ensures that all samples are treated in the same way and no sample-to-sample variation occurs.

The combination of temperature uniformity and fixed optical path length leads to highly reliable and accurate results. Therefore, no internal reference is required which means that the Rotor-Gene is a true 4 channel system as all the four channels can be used for multiplexing rather than blocking one channel for an internal reference. 

The Rotor-Gene is a completely open system which can use any reagents or chemistries on the market i.e. Sybr-Green I, dual labeled probes(TaqMan), FRET probes & many more.


Automated DNA Sample Setup

Automated DNA Sample Setup 

The Corbett Robotics CAS-1200T precision liquid handling system revolutionises laboratory workflow by automating PCR setup, including reagent preparation, dilution series and sample pipetting. 

Featuring level sensing and a powerful, yet user-friendly software interface, the CAS-1200 is at home in any lab where precision and high throughput are required.


X-tractor Gene™
Automated DNA Extraction

Automated DNA Extraction 

The new Corbett Robotics X-tractor GeneT is a precision robotic nucleic acid extraction system that is designed to perform fast, hands-free separation of DNA/RNA from various sample types. 

The X-tractor Gene can extract DNA from as few as 8 or as many as 96-samples with high-speed, high-throughput and high-purity.

CAS Systems:
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Professional 24D Micro centrifuge

    1. EZ-8 Sample preparation system
    2. Universal Lab centrifuge
    3. Gel electrophoresis system
    4. DyNA DNA Vap centrifugal evaporator
    5. Shaking water bath
    6. MDS-8 micro dialysis system
    7. Incubators
    8. Shaker rockers
    9. Digital pipettes with tip ejector
    10. Micro plates

Other Instruments

  1. Pipettes - Various Fixed and variable volume, autoclavable and non-autoclavable, imported and local. 
  2. Pipette Tips
  3. Eppendorf tubes
  4. Eppendorf racks
  5. Laminar Flows
  6. Vortex
  7. - 20 Degree C Deep Freezer

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