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A True 4 Channel Multiplexing Real Time PCR System.

Specification :

Weight : 21 Kgs.

Color : Light Blue, Maroon.

Electrical requirements :  200-240 Vac @ 3 Amps (50/60 Hz) 110-12Vac @ 5 Amps.

Electrical Consumption :

Standby : 8VA ( Without computer).

Peak :  550VA ( Without computer).

Fluorophores/Dyes : FAM, Sybr-Green 1, Fluorescein, Eva Green, Alexa Flour.

Detected : 488, JOE, TAMRA, VIC, TET, HEX, Yakima Yellow, CAL Fluor, Gold 540,ROX, CY3, CY3.5, Texas Red, CAL Fluor Red 610, Alexa Fluor                     568,CY5,CY5.5, Oregon Green, CAL Red, Light Cycler Red 640, Quasar 670, Alexa Fluor 633.

Optical :  Fixed Light path.

Excitation Source : LED (Light emitting diode) Separate for each Channel. 470nm, 530nm, 590nm, 625nm High Power Diodes Separate Emission filter                                      for each Channel.

Detector :  PMT (Photomultiplier) detector for variable or automatic gain setting. Detects even Single Photon of Light.

Detection Filters :  510nm, 555nm, 610nm, 660nm, 580nm, 610 high pass.

Operating Temperature Range :  25 C - 99 C.

Thermal performance :

Heating/cooling rate :  2.5 C Tube 5.0 C Air.

Uniformity :  0.01 C.

Resolution :  0.05 C.

Precision :  0.1 C.

Sample Capacity :  36 x 0.2 ml Standard PCR tubes.

Rotors Supplied :  36 well rotor with locking ring.

Volumes supported :  5 l -100 l, typical reaction volume 25 l.

Accessories :   36 well 0.2 ml tubes loading block.

Computer System :   Provided on request.

System requirements :  Desktop or Laptop Pentium IV with RS 232 Serial Port 1.6 GHz, 256Mb RAM, Windows XP or latest version.

Software :  User Friendly , extensive analysis, quantitation , relative quantitation , Allelic discrimination , Melt Curve analysis , end point analysis etc,                    graphing and statistical built in functions, Free Life time Up Grades from website, Unlimited License for usage. Primers & Probes Designing                       Software available on request.

Warranty :  One Year System warranty, Life Time Guarantee on LED (Light Source).

Manufactured by: Real Time Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd. India .
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